SaffronCode sdk

For developing high performance mobile and desktop apps fast and easy , by using Adobe Animate!

Speeding the developing

Develop mobile apps in unique interfaces
fast and easy

Welcome to SaffronCode sdk

SaffronCode is a collection of codes & libraries for producing powerful and flexible softwares for various operating systems as Android, iOS and desktop. you can easily create your own mobile application in the adobe animate enviroment , by taking help from sample files and studying guide and join the forums. you can build softwars with very flexible graphic interfaces in the shortest time. SaffronCode contains more than 1000 ready-made libraries that have been using and testing several times in various softwares.

Chrome iPad
Scalable on Devices.

Multi platform & dynamic screen

It brings the power of using Adobe Animate one graphic design , animation and professional developing together. write one code and create apps for android ,ios and desktop.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Adobe Animate

As we all know Adobe Animate is a multimedia authority and computer animation programme developed by Adobe systems.SaffronCode is using the A.A enviroment to build applications.

Flexible & Customizable.

Automatic memory management

No matter how little developing knowledge you have , Saffroncode helps you to get rid of unusable datas.

Even more Feature Rich

Of course ,each SDKs have a lot of different features but if we want to mention some important ones, we can say:

Supported by many IDEs

You don't have to write codes, but you're free to use InteliJ, Visual code, Flash builder and falsh develop to extend codes.

Open source

You can change SDK's main core whenever you want.

Native support

Compatible to use native ane files.

iphone 2

EcmaScript 6

If you know Java Script , you can add codes so easy . and if you don't know, then no worries; you can learn so quick.

Sample code

There are lots of ready-made codes of any function that you wish for.

APIs and offline support

Easy access to APIs, and store any data to use in offline mode.

Apps number
Apps visitors
Developer's number
Download's number

Arabic convertor

You can easily use RTL texts in your applications.


You can add list pages and contents in to RSS so easy.

Photo editor

Users can edit their photos - crop or rotate and so on.

Lazy loading

Developers can launch lots of contents with no worries about the large amount of content.

Slider Gallery

Showing photos with a reasonable effect for banner sections so no worries about the size of photo.


It contains photos(even panaroma), videos, web and pdf contents.

Slide menu

Easy and fast access - developer can effect and animate it in their own way.

pop menu

Warnings can be costumized in any graphics.

and many more

Much more components which can be used in SDKs.


Json to Action Script

Json to Action Script

Josh Clark


Mary Jane

Adobe air assistant

Nix Maxwell

Arabic convertor